What Does That Mean

The biggest issue a hotel or any existing/new building for that matter is how does it monitor, gather and consolidate information from every part of the building. In a hotels case you not only have all the back of house areas and public areas, but you also have from 5 to 10,000 rooms as well - a daunting task, as well as cost.


Ariki Technology has dealt with this issue by using SMNTechnology. SMNTech seamlessly connects every space and hotel room within a hotel together. Sensors collect and share information and allow the Harmony Technology Platform to finely tune the hotel's operation and deliver high-level guest personalisation.

For a hotel that means being able to:

Track and monitor guests within the hotel and use that information to control HVAC, lighting, media in the guest's rooms.

Security access to floors, gym, theatre, pool areas, business suites.

Allow personalisation of information advising guests of vacancies in outlets services such as spa, favourite restaurant, business services.

Receive an early warning from major operating equipment of developing issues.

Autonomously manage the booking, arrival, access, time and charging of preferred repair companies.

Use the system to track employee location, productivity to the minute, emergency response .

Check room service trays locations on floors, trolley locations.

Use as a wifi network node.

Lux chasing.

Device management platform. 

Daylight harvesting.

Power metering & energy monitoring.

Guest room occupancy.

Ariki’s hardware package for new and existing hotels is affordable and suits hotels from 5 rooms to 10,000+ rooms.

Changing How We Do Things

What an amazing tool the SMNTech really is. It can be used in all types of buildings and industries everywhere. 

Where Ariki makes it affordable is that we have developed the hardware and software  in-house, deal direct with the manufactures and install through our own network.