General Overview

 A Hotels Survival Revolves Around Three Key Components:

Revenue Generation  -  Average Daily Rate / Occupancy

Cost Control -  With Three of The Single Biggest Costs Centres Being  Payroll, Utilities & Online Travel Agent (OTA) Fees

Guest Satisfaction -  Data, Building Loyalty, Referral Business, Online F Feedback, Repeat Business

The greater majority of the hospitality industry is restrained in managing these 3 core components by the technology it currently uses. Hotels lack a singularly integrated platform that seamlessly connects every hotel department together. An integrated platform that also automates back of house processes, drives customer loyalty through stay personalisation, allows individuality,  data storage and the delivers a zero cost of Online Travel Agents. This is further frustrated by hotel owners who do not want to spend money – because there are no justifiable savings/outcomes.

Ariki Technology has designed a SaaS platform, called the Harmony Technology Platform, offering a fully integrated whole of hotel automation, property management, guest management, big data collection and asset management system for the hotel, resources, medical, commercial building and government industries – based on an existing Saas ERP platform that will be enhanced and updated. Using an existing platform reduces risk and reduces development cost/time. 

Challenging The Status Quo



The Harmony Technology Platform is a major industry game changer. 

It challenges how we co-operate with our guests as much as how we will be able to empower our employees to deliver exceptional service and productivity. 

It will force hotel operators to think out past what is seen as “industry standards”. They will need to if they truly want to reverse what is currently a dwindling service ethic due to cost pressures while delivering bottom line growth.