Resort style multi-level mining villages. Vastly reduced environmental footprint, safer, more cost-efficient to run and a true home away. Designed for "family" use, the hi-rise mining camp option delivers accommodation suited to family visits when required in a safe resort environment.

Commercial & Mixed Use Buildings


 The Smart Sensor Mesh Technology Platform will deliver savings and risk management reductions across all commercial / industrial building asset management platforms. Harmony also can be utilized for building management in a seperate version to be upgraded to.  

Smart Cities


Connecting multiple buildings to the cities grids so demand can be managed during peak periods, access control, general energy control, communications, maintenance reporting and management, all manageable through the Harmony platform.

Retirement & Aged Care


Resident tracking, medical monitoring, instant communication and the ease with which to control whole of rooms functions are just some of the potential applications of the Ariki Technology Platform in Aged Care and Retirement. The ATP allows residents and operators to increase system integration as required and dependant on individual residents needs. 



 University buildings, Hostels and student accommodation can make full use of the Ariki Technology Platform to deliver savings, security, connectivity and big data.



Hospitals form a significant market opportunity in future. We are partnering with a health-centric hardware supplier to deliver an across the board end to end health industry offering.

The Ariki Technology Platform is a versatile technology platform that can be customised to meet any building type requirements. Its current selection of 24 modules covers every possible building requirement while delivery bottom line savings through Ai, machine learning and automation. 

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