Globally Roaming Individual Profiles



Globally Roaming Individual Profiles or GRiP, will change the way accommodation providers the world over interact with their guests in the delivery of highly personalised services.

Not just for the high-level business traveller or loyalty club member staying in 5 star branded hotels, but in every hotel for anyone who wants to break free from the constraints of information freeze.

GRiP's will be affordable for accommodation providers of 5 rooms to 10,000+ rooms. 

GRiP’s will set your guests free

We Address Real Issues



Our initial target market is the business traveller, but that does not stop any traveller from signing up for a GRiP. Using hotel referrals to deliver GRiP’s to all hotel guests is driven by one of the single biggest issues accommodation providers deal with today – OTA’s (Online Travel Agents).

In mid-2019, Ariki Technology will be launching the worlds first zero commission/zero-fee OTA onto the market. While the name of this new platform is secret for the moment, it will deliver branded and unbranded hotels the ability to interact with its guests and potential guests in many new ways. Such as, award loyalty reward points, hotels to receive all guests information and in what is believed to be an industry first, award brand loyalty points when a guest has to stay at a hotel in a location a brand does not have a hotel – at no cost to the brand.

We are so confident of our ability to generate greater revenues, better bottom lines and higher guest satisfaction that we will guarantee any hotel a savings of at least 2 times the annual cost the Ariki Technology Platform

Harmony Technology Platform



Harmony is a hotel automation platform that will be able to connect into any PMS on the market today. Of course, we have our own PMS, a tried and proven platform available to hotels that want to embrace Ariki Technology fully.

Harmony uses state of the art SMNTechology developed by our engineers to inter-connect every room and space within a hotel. Each sensor is independent but knows what the sensors beside it are doing. Data collected is consolidated within the SMNTech software package, sent out to the various departments and then actions any automated replies/manual signals received from the hotel's system & managers.

Imagine being able to have the rooms AC set at the same temperature the guest has previously used in the hotel or their last stay in any hotel globally, set lighting to guests preferred settings and have there favorite music playing for them when they enter the room.

Harmony delivers a wide range of benefits both connected to GRiP’s, independently reducing costs and deliver high-level guest personalisation/satisfaction.

About Us

What We Do

Ariki Technology is a startup technology company aiming to launch the worlds first Globally Roaming Individual Profiles or GRiP's

The Technology

Ariki will be using Artificial Intelligence, Block-chain Technology and Machine Learning 


We will deliver top line growth, bottom line profit and increase guest loyalty in all areas of your business